COVID, the Microbiome and Probiotics – AEProbio Panel Discussion, 12pm ET

IBS affects up to 18% of the global population. Our online resources cover a range of topics on #GutHealth that can assist healthcare professionals in responsibly integrating #Probiotics for IBS management.

COVID is still a major health concern for which healthcare providers and the public are searching for answers to minimize the impact on individual health and healthcare systems. The search for much-needed solutions is far from over. AEProbio is bringing the best minds and researchers in this area of study together for a robust, on-line discussion on this important topic. Our panel discussion will explore the role of probiotics as an intervention in the overall immune response and the potential benefit to minimizing the incidence of common infectious diseases and their impact on public health. Our goal is to establish a basic understanding of the problem, explore potential solutions, and stimulate action by getting information to those who need it most.

Do you have questions about the connections between the #Gut #Microbiome and #COVID19? On April 19th, we are holding a free, online panel where the experts in the field will be discussing the scientific evidence linking our #GutHealth, #Covid, and #Probiotics

Time: 12pm ET

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AEProbio Panel Discussion