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World IBS Day 2023 Partner Events

April 19, 2023: IBS Updates: Myths, Mimickers & the Patient Journey

Featured April 19th, 2023 webinar on World IBS Day. We heard from experts Dr. Darren Brenner, Dr Megan Riehl and Kate Scarlata RD, MPH, about IBS myths, and mimickers that should be considered in the patient diagnostic process, and honor the patient’s illness journey and how a multi-disciplinary approach to IBS management can benefit symptoms and improve quality of life.


Darren Brenner, MD – Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Northwestern University

Megan Riehl, PhD- Michigan Medicine- GI Psychology

Kate Scarlata, MS, RDN – Registered GI Dietician and Author

Moderated by:

Johannah Ruddy, MEd from Tuesday Night IBS and Jeffrey Roberts, MEd, from IBS Patient Support Group

Watch here: https://vimeo.com/820685383

IBS Updates: Myths, Mimickers and the Patient Journey

April 19th, 2023 Events

IBS Warrior Virtual Summit

The IBS Warrior Virtual Summit is a month-long event for those with IBS to come together, learn, connect, and build awareness. You will leave the summit with resources in your …

CN Tower Lighting in Toronto, Canada

The CN Tower will be lit up periwinkle from dusk in recognition of World IBS Day April 19th, 2023. Watch it live https://www.cntower.ca/#earthcam