World IBS Day takes place every year on April 19th to unite the world to raise awareness about IBS, under the one banner. The Day aims to raise awareness about the quality of life issues living with IBS and the strong support of the research and heathcare community to find treatments and support patients.

World IBS Day¬†begins a new conversation about Irritable Bowel Syndrome where all the month’s awareness activities culminates on a single day. On every April 19th we are asking you to use the hashtag #WorldIBSDay on all your social platforms. Use it once, use it often. Together we can raise awareness about Irritable Bowel Syndrome on¬†World IBS Day.

April has been established as a month that organizations and individuals have geared up for each year to raise awareness about Irritable Bowel Syndrome. April 19th is one month before World IBD Day.

The official colour of World IBS Day is periwinkle. (#82A3D7)

Yes, 10% is according to the Rome IV definition of IBS as defined in the Worldwide Prevalence and Burden of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders, Results of Rome Foundation Global Study.